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Watch the trailer and tell me you don’t want to own this game! I dare you!

What this game is about

Walk, crawl, jump and shoot your way through the best mailman-simulator ever made!

The target of this game: Touch different areas of your touchscreen-device to motivate Depri-Horst (a shining example of a mailman) to jump, throw letters or just to stop for a moment and think about his horrible existence.

Many games have claimed to be the best mailman-simulator ever. But now, for the first time in history, this claim is really actually totally justified! Depri-Horst – The Miserable Mailman will bring tears of joy to your tiny little mailman-eyes while you desperately try to make out what is going on. Then you die and have to start from the last checkpoint.

This game currently features a story mode with seven levels/worlds/whatever, a never-ending survival mode and a main menu. Also: Extremely complex gameplay with up to 3 possible actions! More levels/worlds/whatever are planned! The more people buy this game, the more content the developer will produce in the future.

You can compete with other player by using Google’s Play Services or Apple’s Game Center – but you don’t have to, if you don’t want to. But then you’ll never ever find out who of your friends is better at guiding a dull mailman around unimaginable obstacle courses than you. Hint: It’s probably everybody!

Here’s a heart-breaking-story: This game was entirely made by one person. Graphics, sounds, music, programming, everything! By buying this game, you will totally boost his self-confidence! Maybe even rate this game some stars (around 5 should do) and tell your friends about it?

TL;DR: You want to own this game. Now.

You already forgot about the download link, didn’t you?

Well, here it is again:
Get it on Google Play

BTW: Buy the comic book!

There’s also an amazing Depri-Horst comic book! You can get it on Google Play!
By buying the book you can further support new Depri-Horst updates and products!