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Depri-Horst is a autorunner/platformer/shooter game for mobile devices featuring unique cartoon style 3D graphics and a lot of humor. It was developed by Steffen Wittig, a german graphics artist and illustrator (who also works as a software developer and studies computer sciences and media). Depri-Horst is available for Android.


Content of the game

The player controls the miserable and manic depressive mailman Horst. All he wants is to be left alone – too bad this is not part of his job description. As soon as Horst leaves his home to deliver some letters all kinds of annoying things get in his way and the player has to help Horst to avoid them. Touching too many annoying thing will cause a mental breakdown: Horst will totally lose it and the last part of the level has to be played again. Turds, crazy cats in various sizes, horribly chirping birds and alien babies are just some of the annoying things that Horst will come across.

Depri-Horst Splash Screen


Steffen Wittig loves to produce trailers. It’s his second passion. So have a look at the gameplay trailer and the “no-gameplay-just-fancy trailer” for the game!

Game Play Trailer

No-Gameplay-Just-Fancy Trailer


Press material

All of the above screen shots and a lot of other pictures and graphics to illustrate interesting articles about the game can be found in the following archive:

Promo-Package Download

Download Promo-Package (ZIP, around 8MB)

If you have further questions, send an email to info@depri-horst.com and be sure to check out the official Website of the game.

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Controls and Game Play

Horst walks on his own. The player can make him jump, stop or throw letters by touching certain areas of the touchscreen device. Collecting special items will cause Horst to walk in the other direction, become faster for a second or to swap his letters for parcels with fragile contents to defend himself more effectively.

Horst gains points every time he destroys an annoying object or collects deposit bottles. Upon reaching certain point thresholds the player will be able to improve one of Horst’s attributes and influence the speed and difficulty of the game. Horst’s attributes are: walking-speed, jumping-height, throwing speed and health.

The game offers a story and a survival mode.

Depri-Horst Controls


When playing the story mode the player will be greeted with a short comic strip whenever he/she starts one of the seven levels before taking control over Horst. During the story Horst will visit the moon, a suburb, a graveyard, the big city and will find himself in the center of a massive lightning storm.

Story-Mode Menu


Survival mode puts Horst in the midst of an endless and randomly generated construction site several hundred meters above the city. His goal: Survival.

Main Menu Android


The Google Play and Apple App Store versions of the game feature optional leaderboards and achievements to provide additional motivation to the players. The player has to sign in with his/her Google or Apple account once to use this feature.

Leaderboards Android


Target Audience

Depri-Horst was made in Germany but with an international audience in mind and tries to appeal with its “strange foreign charm”. The funny German title was kept on purpose and most of the signs in the background of the levels are in German while everything related to the story and game play is in English.

About the Developer

Steffen Wittig: Creator of Depri-Horst

Steffen Wittig studies Computer Sciences and Media in Germany. He earns a living as a software developer and as a freelance graphics artist and illustrator. As if this wasn’t enough he spends a large part of his spare time working on creative projects like this game or video productions for YouTube.

The game runs on the Unity3D game engine. Steffen Wittig created all graphics, sounds, music and the programming of the game’s logic. The result of almost a year of dedication is a game with a very personal style in every way.


Coming up next…

Like most games nowadays Depri-Horst will receive further updates to include at least one new level and there’s also a PC-version of the game planned.

Steffen Wittig is actively seeking out feedback by gamers and other developers to help him further improve the game.

Press builds

If you’d like to receive a build of the game for reviewing and capturing purposes, please email steffenwittig@steffenwittig.com.


Release/Platforms: March 27th 2014 (Android), (Previously available but removed: July 22nd 2014 (iOS), July 14th 2014 (Windows Phone 8 and 8.1))

Developer: Steffen Wittig

Contact: steffenwittig@steffenwittig.com

Genre: Autorunner/Shooter/Platformer

Languages: English, German

Store-Links: Google PlayApp StoreWindows Phone

Official Website: depri-horst.com

Developer Website: steffenwittig.com

More images

Press Release PDF

A summary of this press release can be found in this PDF file.